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Phishing Scam Alert Image

Phishing Scam Alert

August 7, 2019


Bank of Santa Clarita (BOSC) would like to warn you about a current phishing scam directed at various banks, including BOSC Personal Online Banking and Cash Management customers. This scam targets users by sending e-mails that appear to be from an official source of BOSC’s third party vendor (Digital Insight) for example, “Digital Insight Customer Care”, or “Digital Insight Administration”, etc…

This scam is designed to trick the recipient into clicking a link in the e-mail for the purpose of acquiring sensitive data, such as passwords or financial information. BOSC Personal Online Banking and Cash Management users are advised to NEVER click links or install programs suggested in e-mails, even if the e-mail appears to be from an official or familiar source. BOSC and its third party vendors (example Digital Insight) will never send customer e-mails containing links to download software or applications; or request sensitive data such as passwords, financial information, or non-public personally identifiable information.

If you have received an e-mail(s) such as that described above, you are advised to immediately delete the e-mail(s) and be careful not to take the actions requested.

If you have questions about this communication, or wish to report what you believe to be a phishing incident, please contact the bank at (661) 362-6000.

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